Clara Varas

I use household items and industrial materials to investigate migration, gender, displacement and the concept of home. My practice is of an intuitive nature, rooted in the painterly and the language of abstraction. These hybrid works are based on the idea of painting in the expanded field, and stretch the medium beyond traditional interpretations. The objects I employ are marred by overuse, they speak to their history or demise in order to form and shape narratives between an early childhood in Cuba and the present. Chaotic, humorous amalgamations of materials and disparate objects sometimes serve as stand ins for the figure or the self, challenging the threshold between stability and instability as they transcend boundaries between pain ting, sculpture, and installation. Household Plants, fishing line, discarded clothing, textiles, broken furniture, and other unconventional materials provide clues as to a city's inhabitants while commenting on our relationship with interior and exterior spaces. I seldom exhibit work in the same manner since I never consider a piece finished, to me- it is a constantly evolving thing always reacting to its immediate surroundings.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

*Solo- Between Memory and Desire, Opening October 22nd- January 10,2023
Dimensions Variable, Miami,FL
Exhibition will be up during Miami Art Basel week.
For details visit