Clara Varas
My work explores personal ties to land, commonplace items, and building materials associated with the concept of home. These items often take into account migration or the plight of displaced persons. Studio residue, broken bits, pieces of older works and discarded objects make their way into my works. The objects I employ are marred by overuse and speak to their own history or demise in an attempt to open a dialogue between time and place, the past and present. Fishing line, discarded clothing, broken furniture, wood, and other unconventional materials provide clues as to a city's inhabitants and transcend boundaries between drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. I seldom exhibit my work in the same manner since I never consider a piece finished, to me, it is a constantly evolving thing always reacting to its immediate surroundings.


RE-Produce - Curator: Lisa Rockford, Bailey Contemporary Arts
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060
Opening Reception: Sept.8, 6-9 pm.
Exhibition on view Sept.1- Sept. 29, 2016